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I'm not going to be too picky with the people that write here, but please, at least try to use some of the following categories:

   [Problem] -> Issues with the forums, wiki, or wordpress page.
   [Suggestion] -> As the name implies, anything you consider useful to make the site better
   [Question] -> Doubts about registration, etc.
   [Novel] -> Novel suggestions. But be aware that it's extremely unlikely for those to be picked by WW. 

Any question not using any of the categories outlined above, most likely does not belong to this subforum, and will be moved or even deleted if the contents are not useful. Also, this is a forum to post technical problems, or questions to the staff. If it's not a problem, or it is not directed to the staff, it does not belong to this subforum either.

Lastly, try to add meaningful titles to the threads. I've been renaming almost every single thread of this subforum for a long time, and that's not my obligation. So again, if you don't take even a minute to write the post and there is no useful information, it risks being deleted.

General Support

Post and discuss your requests, suggestions, problems, and anything else here for the admins to look at!

Post Support Tickets Here


Share your questions about the wiki, discuss about changes or suggest improvements.

Post Support Tickets Here