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Work in progress, expect frequent changes. Help and feedback is welcome. See discussion page.


Lists can be added with:

== List Header ==
* item 1
* item 2

Don't forget to add the categories for easy search with:

[[Category:I Shall Seal The Heavens]]

If you want to link to other pages:

[[page name]] or [[page name|shown text]]

To add Pictures or other media, go to Special:Upload

If necessary, move pages by logging in, going to more (next to Edit), choosing Move, and moving.

For more: Wiki Markup

Use templates

Sithkazar and TheEditor were so nice as to create some templates for us to use: To use templates, do the following:

  • If you've chosen one, the easiest method of actually using them is going to the example page and copying that, filling in the specifics yourself.
    • In general, the templates start with
      • |TAG = VALUE for every tag in the template
      • }}
  • Since spoilers are the most common things to use the template for, this is how to use them:
    • {{Sith Kazar Spoiler Text |Text = SPOILER_TEXT }}