The Godsfall Chronicles

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The Godsfall Chronicles
Chinese 陨神记
Author Tipsy Wanderer (半醉游子)
Chapter Count N/A (Ongoing)
Volume Count N/A (Ongoing)
Writing Status Ongoing
Original Publication Status Ongoing
Translation Team Translator:
  • RWX (Temporary)
Translation Status Ongoing
English Publication Status TBD
Chinese Publisher 17k
English Publisher Wuxiaworld

Introduction to the Novel

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Mystery, Sci-fi, Supernatural

Introduction to the Story

This is a world of nirvanic rebirth, a strange fantasy world. This is a world of strong faith yet it is collapsing. A seemingly mediocre teenager, carrying a heavenly shocking secret. He rose from the very bottom, wandering between the thin line and the edge of life and death. With his wild and hot blooded nature, he chose to explore the truth of human civilisations destruction on Earth. After experiencing a series of unimaginable risks and bumbling on the road to maturity, the ultimate truth lies within the secret behind God Wars. This is how a hot-blooded yet shocking story begins to unfold.

Introduction to the Translation

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Translation Team

History of the Translation


Story Elements