Tales of Demons and Gods

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Tales of Demons and Gods
Abbreviation TDG
TDG LN Cover.jpg
Chinese 妖神记
Pinyin ----
Transcription Yaoshenji
Author Mad Snail
Chapter Count 443 Chapters
Volume Count N/A
Writing Status Webnovel: Ongoing (Pseudo-Hiatus)
Original Publication Status Webnovel: Ongoing (Pseudo-Hiatus)
Translation Team The Panda Brigade
Translation Status Ongoing
Chinese Publisher Qidian

Tales of Demons and Gods (妖神记; Yaoshenji; aka TDG) is a Chinese webnovel by Mad Snail (发飙的蜗牛; Fābiāodewōniú). It is a sequel to Cult of the Sacred Runes (神紋道; Shén Wén Dào; aka CSR). A spin-off manhua for Yaoshenji has also been made, drawn by taxuedongman(at)qq.com

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Nie Li (Link)


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Translation Team



  • Dogboy90
  • Warlord212 (Former)
  • Xex


  • Kookie (One-Time)


People and Groups Places and Times Items and Creatures Training and Power

Characters (Link)
Organizations (Link)
Families (Link)

Locations (Link)

Artifacts (Link)
Alchemy (Link)
Demon Beasts (Link)

Cultivation (Link)
Inscription Patterns (Link)


Heroes (Protagonists)

Villains (Antagonists)



  • Alchemy Association
  • City Lord’s Mansion
  • Dark Guild
  • Holy Orchid Institute


  • Glory City
    • Major Families
      • Snow Wind
      • Divine
      • Sacred
    • Noble Families
      • Huyan
      • Chu
      • Winged Dragon
    • Aristocrat Families
      • Heavenly Marks
      • Lu
    • Commoner Families
      • Du
  • Spatial Array
    • Silver Winged
    • Black Dragon


  • St. Ancestral Mountain Range
    • Ancient Orchid City Ruins
  • Glory City
    • Holy Orchid Institute
      • Heavenly Sacred Border
    • City Lord’s Mansion
    • Alchemy Association


  • Blood Crystal
  • Nightmare Demon Pot
  • Soul Puppet
  • Soul Weapons
  • Spiritual Lamp
  • Temporal Demon Spirit Book
  • Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array Book
  • Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword


  • Elixirs
    • Soul Enhancing Pill
    • Body Refining Pill
    • Recovery Pill
    • Enhancing Pill
  • Herbs
    • Purple Haze Grass
    • Black Pool Grass
    • Zoysia Grass
    • Misty Leaf Herb
    • Tianfang Herb

Demon Beasts

  • Abyss Bear
  • Abyss Demon
  • Abyss Tiger
  • Black Scaled Earth Dragon
  • Black Star Tiger
  • Fanged Panda
  • Giant Blue Armed Ape
  • Golden Horned Land Dragon
  • Heavenly Lightning Sparrow
  • Horned Sheep
  • Netherlamp Behemoth
  • Scarlet Demonic Leopard
  • Scarlet Ghost
  • Shadow Devil
  • Snow Queen


  • Acupuncture
  • Cultivation Technique
  • Demon Spirit
  • Demon Spiritualist
  • Fighter
  • Soul Attribute
  • Soul Force
  • Soul Form
  • Soul Forming
  • Soul Realm

Inscription Patterns

  • Enchanting Patterns
  • Battle Patterns
  • Arrays
  • Other

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