Stellar Transformations

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Stellar Transformations
Abbreviation ST
Chinese 星辰变
Transcription Xing Chen Bian
Author I Eat Tomatoes (我吃西红柿)
Chapter Count 680 Chapters
Volume Count 18 Volumes
Writing Status Webnovel: Complete
Original Publication Status Webnovel: Complete
Translation Status Dropped
Chinese Publisher Qidian

Stellar Transformations (星辰变; Xīngchén Biàn) is a webnovel by popular Chinese Xianxia (fantasy/kung fu) writer I Eat TomatoesIET; 我吃西红柿; Wǒ Chī Xīhóngshì). This novel is currently being translated by jeffdaking (aka Aequitas), James, and Saima. Jeff is also the proofreader for all the new translations.


In an universe far away, there is a child with innate disability to practice internal techniques. So, in order to gain the respect of his father, he resolutely chooses to follow the more difficult and painful path of practicing external techniques. As the years go by, he grows up, but what really changes his life is a mysterious meteoric crystal stone — the Meteoric Tear. This stone fuses with the young man’s body unnoticed, and he seems to undergo drastic transformations as a result. After that, everything is changed. Eventually his father knows that the son for whom he hasn’t really shown a lot of consideration possesses astonishing abilities.


Books 1-10 were originally translated by he-man. The works can be found below, or at SPCNET, or in epub form floating around the net. He-man, if you come back and you object to us hosting your part of the translation, please let us know and we will immediately remove them. Much love to and for you! A few subsequent chapters were translated originally at