Spirit Vessel

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Spirit Vessel
Abbreviation SV
Spirit Vessel.jpg
Chinese 灵舟
Pinyin ----
Author Jiu Dang Jia
Chapter Count 1362 Chapters
Volume Count N/A
Writing Status Webnovel: Complete
Original Publication Status Webnovel: Complete
Translation Status Ongoing
Chinese Publisher 17k

Introduction to the Novel

Genre: Action, Adult, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Romance, Tragedy, Xianxia

Introduction to the Story

Spirit Vessel takes place in a mysterious world. There are cultivators rebelling against the heavens and elegant beauties with endless grace. There are peerless experts reincarnating into the world again, a world filled with formidable ancient beasts. Beneath the earth is the Yellow Springs while above the heavens is where many saintly palaces float… And then there are the seven spirit vessels…

Don’t forget about our heroic MC with indomitable willpower — Feng Feiyun. This Demon Phoenix Emperor will take you through a wondrous story with a dramatic and gripping tale.

Even if I die to a poisonous rose, I would still choose love.

Introduction to the Translation

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Story Elements