City of Sin

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City of Sin
Abbreviation COS
Chinese 罪恶之城
Author Misty Rain of Jiangnan (烟雨江南)
Chapter Count 1306 Chapters
Volume Count N/A
Writing Status Complete
Original Publication Status Complete
Translation Team OMA's Team
Translation Status Ongoing
English Publication Status TBD
Chinese Publisher 17k
English Publisher Wuxiaworld

Introduction to the Novel

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Mature, Tragedy, Xuanhuan

Introduction to the Story

Bearing heavy expectations, a youngster having a body possessing blood vessels of both angels and demons unhesitatingly charged towards the battlefield. He bring forth destruction but also life. He stepped on lava, broke through the deep ice and at an even more distant battlefield moving up and down, he slaughtered just to knock down that one lofty figure far ahead.

In the end, there was a day on which he stopped swinging his blade, looking all around, indistinctly his opponent has already disappeared.

Originally what was lofty and absolutely majestic was already beneath his foot.

Introduction to the Translation

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Translation Team

History of the Translation


Story Elements