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WARNING - Serious spoilers below!


  • Linley is born


  • L., 6 years old, begins Warrior Training (body only)


  • L. drinks the blood of the 9th-Rank Armored Razorback Wyrm (dragon beast) - Bluehearth Grass ==> Dragonform
  • Bebe for sure 7th-Rank, maybe at 8th (D.C. starts suspecting link to Beirut, Lord of the Forest of Darkness)
  • 6th-Rank Warrior in Human Form after completing the first Dragonform transformation (with Dragonblood Battle-Qi)
  • 8th-Rank (Early) Warrior in Dragonform (but great speed & defense). + 7th-R. Supersonic Spell, speed as 9th-R. Warrior
  • L. acquires and binds with blood the Bloodviolet Sword (HighGod Artifact, previously considered a Divine one)
  • 7th-Rank Magus (above-average for Spiritual Energy)
  • after a few months (early September), peak of 6th-rank Warrior (late-stage 8th while in Df.)
  • early/mid November: 7th-rank Warrior (early 9th while in Df.) ; Bebe is mid- to late-stage 8th-rank now
  • 28th December: Divine Boon (Sovereign of Light) on L. failed


  • 1st January, Apocalypse Day: Dylin breaks the magic formation protecting the Radiant Temple ==> L. escapes
  • +1 month or so: Adamantine Sword, Bladeless, is created (3600 pounds)
  • +a few months: Bebe is early 9th-rank (cfr.b8ch1), L. is late-stage 7th


  • L. masters the "wield heavy as light" (level 2 out of 3; 1-basics, 3-"Impose"), creating the "Thunderbolt technique (even if he's late-7th,he can OHKO (one hit knock out) a tough Velocidragon's skull)
  • Late Autumn: L., 19 years, reaches 8th-rank as Dual-Element Magus
  • L. finds the "baleful aura" of Bloodviolet Sword
  • Winter: Peak of 7th-rank as a human Warrior ; Middle-9th in Dragonform
  • L. submits and soulbinds Haeru, a Peak-9th-rank Blackcloud Panther (Dual-Element Magic Beast of Darkness and Wind)
  • Wharton (15 years old) reaches 7th-rank as a Warrior


  • Autumn: L. reaches 8th-rank Warrior as human (he's now a Peak-9th in Df.)
  • Winter: L. gains insight on the "Impose" level of Dragonblood swordmanship


  • Spring: after 3 years training non-stop, L. starts leaving the MRofMB
  • July: Wharton, 17ys, already 7th-rank since he was 15ys old, was able to defeat a 8th-rank Warrior
  • L. has mastered "Impose" and has started feeling an higher level of understanding
  • L. saves Zassler (Peak-9th Necromancer) and starts analyzing one of the Profound Truths of the Laws of Earth, the Throbbing Pulse of the World: the basic technique "Triple Layered Waves" is shortly invented
  • L. fights vs. Peak-stake Saint Warrior Sthele of Radiant Church. Saved by Cesar, now a Demigod. The 5 Undying Warriors bros (8th-rank with body strength alone) start training Battle-Qi
  • L. understood that "wield light as heavy" is the "other face", and the same, of "wield heavy as light": a way (in the future) to unleash a power as the Forbidden-level Wind-Spell Dimensional E


  • L. (24ys old) reaches the "Hundred Layered Waves" level in the Throbbing Pulse of the World after 3 years of training
  • in the past 3 years, L. has gained some initial insight into the Profound Truths of the Wind, creating the "Rippling Wind" technique ("Fast" aspect)


  • Wharton, 21 years old, has reached 8th-rank Warrior in human form
  • L. is Peak-stage 8th-rank Warrior in human form (Peak-9th in Df.)
  • Barker, the elder Undying Warrior (UW) bro, reached 9th-rank in human f.


  • Autumn: Gates, the youngest (5th) UW, was the first among them who grasped insights on the "wield heavy as light" level. Baker (oldest, 1st) followed suit.
  • 14th November: Battle vs 6 Angels (5 two-wings, 1 four-wings Lindley). Bebe can increase size up to 1 meter (from 20cm) with speed way faster than Haeru and slightly faster than the 2-winged angels and defense roughly on par with Saint-transformed Baker ; L. (26ys) breaks through into the 9th-rank (early Saint while Df.), but with an understanding already comparable to late-stage Saints (NOTE: =! as stated in Ch. 8.49, he's not really "peak" yet)
  • Bebe reaches Saint-level too
  • Ankh, 2nd UW bro, reached 9th-rank as human (early Saint while UW-form)
  • Haeru eats the Violet-Tattooed Bear Saint Magic Core and becomes an early Saint-level Magic Beast as well
  • L. begins developing the second step in the Profound Truths of the Wind with the technique "Tempos of the Wind" (it uses two different Profound Truths of the Wind, "Fast" and "Slow")
  • Gates breaks through 9th-rank Warrior in human form (early Saint while in UW form)
  • Late December: L. reaches 9th-rank as a Magus (Windshadow Wind-Spell makes his human form as fast as most early Saints) at age 27 years old, a first in history


  • 4th February: match Wharton vs Blumer
  • March: L. meets War God and Fain. He now masters 128 pulses; he gains insight on Haydson's defense, Pulseguard Defense
  • 1st May: after 15 days of closed-door training, L. has succeeded in turning his insights in the Profound Truth of the Earth - Throbbing Pulse of the World
  • 4th May: Olivier loses vs Haydson. He begins to Soul-Mutate
  • 4th August: L. vs Haydson. L.'s most powerful technique (132-layered waves) was on par with Haydon's "Worldbreaker" (relying on "Massive"/"Strength" mystery of the Earth). Result: draw ; L. had some insights and starts training on them
  • Boone, the 4th UW bro, reached 9th-rank human (early Saint while UW-form)
  • L. spars vs Miller (Wind Saint) and both gain some insights (L. on "Slow")


  • Sparring vs Hayward, Fire Grand Magus Saint (Peak), L. understands the power of gran magi
  • L. spars vs Higginson (Ligh Peak Warrior Saint) and has an insight on the "Fast" aspect of the Wind
  • L. has reached 150 layers (vs Four-Winged Angels), killing one ignoring their Battle Formation: in a moment, Bebe killed other 3, Haeru 1, and L. the last
  • Osenno and Bebe use the "Shadowshape Doppelganger Technique"
  • L. has reached 152 layers (both offensive and defensive)
  • Treaty between L., Des
  • 21st July, L. marries Delia.


  • L. reaches Saint-level while human (he's at Peak Saint stage in Df.), age 37, 10 years of training (14th Nov. 10008) after having reached 9th-rank
  • Zassler is now a Saint-level Grand Magus Necromancer


  • By this time, L. has reached a bottleneck in the Profound Truths of the Earth - Throbbing Pulse of the World with 256 Layered Waves, making his Pulseguard Defense more than 10x than before. When Dragonformed (Peak Saint) his scales are 10x wrt Early Saint
  • L. is not yet at a bottleneck in the mysteries of the Wind
  • L.'s Spiritual Energy is now at the Peak of 9th-rank
  • Delia is now at the 9th-rank (Arch Magus)
  • Bebe's Shadowshape Doppelgänger T. has now reached the level of creating 4 shadows
  • L.'s new technique is Profound Truths of the Wind - "Spatial Folding" (one step lower than Higginson's Illusionary Void Sword) ; by fusing two concepts (Spatial Freezing and Spatial Folding) his Tempos of the Wind is now one level higher than Higginson's tech
  • L. battles, wins and "tames" 3 Saint Dragons: Gold Dragon (winged, light magic), Tyrant Wyrm and Thunder Lizard
  • Barker has reached Saint-level in human form too and he haHe's Grand Marshal of the Baruch Kingdom
  • L. finds Beirut's "pocket dimension" where natural essence of all laws and edicts is extremely concentrated (seems at least 100x)
  • L. gains an insight on the Throbbing Pulse of the World: "fuse" the 256 layers until they're all encompassed in just one
  • Gates had already reached the "impose" level before the Battle of Code vs Radiant Church and the Cult of Shadows
  • Apart from the oldest, Barker, already a Saint in human form, the other four UW bros were Peak-9th
  • L. and his side win against RC and CofS (Heidens, Fallen Leaf -RC- and Affleck, O'Casey -CofS- escaped, but Osenno -Pretor RC- and Cramerson -leader Fallen Angels CofS- were killed): Baruch Empire is born


  • 1st January, Yulan Festival: Baruch Empire formally founded
  • L. begins fusing the 256 layers two-by-two so as to get 128


  • 2nd/3rd March: gathering of experts at War God Mountain
  • L. has fused the 256 layers into 128. Now both his offense and defense are several times stronger
  • L. and the others enter the Necropolis of Gods
  • L., Bebe, the 5 Prime Saints, Oliver, the 3 Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions (Dylin's sons) and a few others starts training for 8 years before entering the 6th floor


  • Delia reaches Saint level as a Wind Grand Magus


  • Bebe's Shadowshape Doppelganger Technique is up to 8 shadows now
  • L. has fused 128 layers into 64 - power multiplied several times again
  • L.'s spiritual energy is at Peak 9th-rank, close to a breakthrough
  • L. has another breakthrough: analyzing Lachapalle's (a Plant Peak Saint Beast) attacks, L. combines the "Slow" (Spatial Freezing) and "Fast" into the Profund Truths of the Wind - "Myriad Swords Converge" technique


  • L. becomes a Grand Magus Saint (Dual-Element) while training in the mysteries of the Wind (20 years of training past 9th-rank, and 10 past Peak-9th)
  • L.'s soul manifests its shape: a sword
  • L. is now able to speak with his soul too
  • L., while fleeing from Abyssal Blade Demons, has an insight ("Fast" and "Slow" are not opposites: they're parts of the same Profound Truths of Velocity) and, having started fusing these mysteries, develops the "Dimensional Decapitator" technique (a sword attack Dimensional Edge-like, just smaller and less powerful)
  • 4th March: all survivors leave the Necropolis of Gods
  • Delia is already a Demigod, but she's still a long way from fusing with the divine spark
  • 8th April: L., Desry and Tulily lead other 22 Saint vs the Radiant Church (RC)
  • June: War begins
  • Powerful experts appear in Yulan Plane


  • Winter: L. (now age 57), stops training after 5 years (entire cities' populations wiped out in a single night; Yale strange behavior and request -slaves-; Muba and its religion)


  • L. reaches Deity-level (Demigod) at age 58 after another 6 months ca: Descent of the Laws. L. decides to keep the divine spark outside his body and divide his soul so as to train in the Laws of Earth as well
  • L. discovers the "Humming Song" sound-based soul attack of Bloodviolet Sword
  • L. discovers that the Coiling Dragon Ring is a Soul-protecting Artifact which can absorb and refine souls
  • L. discovers a drop of gold liquid (actually, blood essence of the Azure Dragon) which fused directly with L.'s original body: the new Dragonblood form, with azure-gold scales and an extremely sharp horn, is now far more powerful
  • L. begins absorbing at least 20 million souls, making his own soul at least 6x stronger and gaining much more speed in insights and study of the Laws
  • L. breaks through in the Throbbing Pulse of the World, merging 64 layers into 32 layers (after 3 months of training)
  • 29th December: Muba explains divine artifacts to L.


  • L. fuses 32 layers into 16 (1 year and 3 months training)


  • 28th December: L. can now use his greater Soul Power to defend his soul with a Pulseguard Defense. He has only begun to fuse the 16 layers into 8


  • 16th January: L., Desri (Demigod Light) and Oliver (Soul Mutate Demigod Light and Darkness) win vs Beaumont
  • L., combining the dizzying song and baleful aura of Bloodviolet with the Profound Truths of Velocity develops the technique "Hymn of the Wind" (it first confounds the enemy through the sound-based soul attack, than uses a red illusionary sword to attack the soul)
  • L. starts analyzing the Profound Truths of the Sound, which consist of two different mysteries ("Music" and "Sound Waves")
  • Dylin has become an Early-stage God
  • L. is absorbing Beaumont's 100 millions souls


  • L. fuses the 16 layers into 8


  • Autumn: Barnas and the other 3 Gods under Highgod Adkins attack Dragonblood Castle, but they're driven off by Beirut's sons Hart and Harvey (4 Gods Clones with 4 Highgod Artifacts)


  • L. has fused 8 layers into 4


  • L. (now 82 years old) has fused 4 layers into 2
  • Delia, Barker, Desri, Zassler and at last Haeru are all Demigods by now
  • High Priest and War God are now full Gods after fusing with sparks


  • In a gorge in the Mountain Range of Death, after 2 years of training, L. understands that the "Profound Truths of Sound" actually fuse two mysteries ("Music" -for soul attacks- and "Sound Waves" -material attacks-)
  • Following Mr. Leylin's (Bluefire) advice, L. begins training in the "Essence of the Earth" mystery
  • After half a year training, L. becomes a Earth Demigod too mastering the Throbbing Pulse of the World, thanks to his greater attunement to the Essence of the Earth (sparring with Burgess)
  • L. develops thus a soul-component attack technique based on the "Omega Wave" of the throbbing Pulse of the World, "Voidwave Sword"


  • L. has been fusing the Essence of the Earth and Throbbing Pulse of the World mysteries for 3 years: already a 50% increase in power for his Voidwave Sword


  • L. leaves Bluefire: back at Dragonblood Castle. En route, he kills God Niff and acquires his wind divine spark
  • L. acquires a total of 2 Demigod sparks (Earth and Fire) and 6 God sparks (at least 1 Earth and 1 Fire as well)
  • Wharton begins fusing with the Fire Divine spark(s)


  • Wharton is now a Demigod


  • Delia is now a God after fusing with Neffi's Wind spark (she gains access to the "Doppelganger"-type of mysteries)


  • Bebe becomes a full God training in the Essence of Darkness
  • L. is halfway in fusing Throbbing Pulse of the World and Essence of Earth
  • Barker is fusing with a Earth God spark
  • Haeru is fusing with a Wind God spark
  • Late Autumn: L. (age 110), Delia and Bebe leave Yulan Plane to Infernal Realm
  • L.'s Voidwave Sword is now 3x wrt 20(+) years ago
  • Delia, albeit having fused with a spark and not relying in her own training, has studied the powerful and bizarre mystery of "Spatial Wind"


  • L. reaches a bottleneck (he's studying the Essence of the Earth mystery while fusing it with the Throbbing Pulse of the World to become a full God)
  • roughly at this time, George (2nd bro), Rebecca and her sister become Saints in the Yulan Plane


  • Bebe has been digesting the God sparks Beirut had given him
  • L. finishes fusing the two mysteries of the Earth he has been studying and becomes a full God
  • Becoming a full God increases the Soul power as the 11 amethysts L. has been absorbing in the past 32 years
  • Delia as well has absorbed 2 Golden Soul-Pearls and is now trying to absorb one less refined amethyst
  • L.'s God-level Pulseguard Defense, now the result of the fusion of the two mysteries, is ca 10x more powerful than most God-level defensive artifacts; the same applies to L.'s Voidwave Sword
  • L.'s soul attack is 10x stronger than that of a normal God
  • L., Delia and bebe take the Fiend Trial
  • L. is now halfway in understanding the "Fast" and "Slow" aspects of the Wind and fusing them (Profound Truths of Velocity): his "Dimensional Decapitator" with Bloodviolet is 3x or 4x stronger than before
  • After the Fiend Trial, L.'s group acquire a fair amount of wealth (120+ million inkstones cash), 3 other Highgod sparks (total: 4), some Golden Soul-Pearls and other usables, and a book ("A Brief Summary of the Profound Mysteries of the Seven Elemental Laws)
  • Delia begins fusing with a Wind Highgod spark
  • L.reads about the Six mysteries of the Earth (apart from the two he has trained in: "Strength", "Gravitional Field -or Space-/Geomagnetism", "Worldwalking", "Vitality"), the Nine mysteries of the Wind ("Essence of the Wind", "Fast", "Slow", "Doppelganger", "Sound Waves", "Music", "Windwalking", "Spatial Wind", "Dimensional")
  • L., Delia and Bebe engage in an escort mission from Royalwing City to Bluemap City


  • Bebe and Nisse (Salomon's sister, Boyd clan) get engaged
  • L. his meditating on "Gravitational Space" (Earth) and on "Slow", "Fast", "Sound Waves", and "Music" (Wind). He thinks he's just a few decades from completely fusing Slow and Fast into "Velocity"
  • L.'s original body is currently training into the Laws of Fire, gaining first insights into the simple "Essence of Fire" mystery


  • L. has finally reached a bottleneck in the Profound Truths of Velocity: instead of training "Slow" and "Fast" aspects separately, he trained them together making comparisons, which allows to train way faster and more efficiently
  • Delia is more than halfway towards becoming an Highgod (albeit by fusing with a spark): she has mastered 6 mysteries out of 9
  • L.'s Earth attack with Adamantine sword, "Pulsating Essence Attack", is primarily material (Essence of the Earth) with a spiritual component supporting (Throbbing Pulse of the World): the "Voidwave Sword" is exactly the other way round
  • L. unconsciously uses one drop of Water Sovereign Might stored within the Coiling Dragon Ring, but instead of having the usual effect of SM's drops, it allowed L.'s Dragonformed body to transform and strengthen to a terrifying degree: L.'s scales are equivalent to a (defensive, ndr) Highgod artifact, and his speed and strength are enhanced as well
  • L., observing the battle between Learmonth (Destruction) and Mr. Wind (who had fused quite a few mysteries of the Wind), has a sudden insight and, after 3 days, has a breakthrough, becoming a full God in the Laws of the Wind too (L. has completely fused "Slow" and "Fast" into "Velocity")
  • L. develops another attack based on his mastery of the Laws of the Wind and on Bloodviolet, "Bewildering Shadow"
  • L. & co. acquire 200 billion inkstones thanks to Phusro, plus 10 metallic life forms and amethysts
  • L. begins training in the Worldwalker mystery of the Earth and focuses on Sound Waves of the Wind


  • L. (age 168) becomes a Demigod in the Laws of Fire as well (Essence of the Fire mystery)
  • Delia has mastered 8 of the 9 mysteries of the Wind with the Highgod spark


  • Delia is now a Wind Highgod
  • L., Delia and Bebe meet Olivier in Amethysts Mountains


  • L. has mastered in 70 years of a training the Worldwalker mystery and has started gaining insights into Gravitational Space
  • Olivier is already a full God both in Light and Darkness
  • L. is trapped by the amethyst beast Reisgem in a cave. L. trains in Gravitational Space and in fusing it with the Throbbing Pulse of the World so as to counter the powerful gravitational technique of him


  • L. finds extremely difficult to just fuse Throbbing Pulse (TP) and Gravitational Space (GS), since they're high level mysteries, so he first tries to fuse Gravitational Space with Essence of the Earth (EofE)


  • L. has fused Gravitational Space and Essence of the Earth together ; he has finally begun fusing Gravitational Space and Throbbing Pulse


L. has finally fused GS and TP together. Now he can start fusing three mysteries of the Earth together (GS, TP, EofE). However, he still has to figure out what is that “little special something” which makes


  • after 482 years in the cave, L. has a sudden insights: the 108 amethyst spikes on Reisgem’s back represent a combination of 108 rays of divine power to add to the fusion of GS and TP. Different sequences can greatly enhance the gravitional field produced
  • L. has thus mastered a technique akin to Reisgem’s Innate Divine Ability
  • L. receives a “Black Stone” (Soulstone) from Reisgem (a powerful soul-protecting artifact)


  • After another 20 years of training, L. has understood some of the Black Stone’s properties, and now uses it with his gravitational attack to create a powerful soul attack
  • Since L. had already completely fused EofE with TP and TP with GS, and had already started fusing EofE with GS, L. now starts fusing all those 3 mysteries together


  • L. (now 845 years old) has reached the final bottleneck in fusing EofE, TP and GS together
  • L. develops the “Blackstone Prison” technique based on the fusion of those 3 mysteries of the Earth: a very hard to break prison with tremendous gravity (affect greatly speed, even of Highgods) and which can affect the soul
  • Bebe has harvested billions of amethysts (ca. 255.5 Trillion - or: 255.5*10^12 - inkstones worth: each am. can be sold at ca 7,000 inkstones, and Bebe has harvested 10 million am. per day for 10 years. I’ve done the math! ;) )
  • L. has completely fused the “Sound Waves” and “Music” mysteries of the Wind into the Profound Truths of Sound and he’s currently at the late-stage of mastering the “Essence of the Wind” (EofW) mistery
  • L.’s divine Fire clone is still at the Demigod level. He’s gained some initial insights in the “Flamebody” mystery, though
  • L.’s soul is next to a limit in growth (L. has abosrbed soul essence from amethysts non-stop for 600+ years): to strengthen it further, he has to reach the Highgod level first (also from Demi- to full God in Fire)


  • L., Delia and Bebe encounter a Fogsea Storm (terrible lightning bolts) while crossing the Starmist Sea on their way from Redbud Continent to Bloodridge Continent


  • L. has completely fused 3 mysteries of the Earth (EofE, TP, GS)
  • L. wins vs Gamontin, a powerful Six Star Fiend (Wind Highgod): even if L. was still a God, his Blackstone Prison coupled with his Df. body wer the perfect counter to Gamontin’s speed and material attacks


  • L. & co. arrive at Miluo Island
  • L. battles with the guards of Miluo Island. Despite him being a God, his power is that of a 6-Star Fiend
  • L. has a first insight into the “Strength” Profound Mystery of Earth watching Mosi Bagshaw (Bloodrune Titan clan, master of Castle Hendsey, next to Paragon level in Death, also very powerful in Destruction) hitting Lomio (Lightining Peak 7-Star Fiend) with his sledgehammer (with the Way of Destruction)
  • L. is “given face” by Mosi thanks to his connection to Reisgem: all of his group (Delia, Highgod; Bebe, God with Godspark weapon and other treasures+innate divine ability; Olivier, Soul Mutate 2-God; War God, Highgod; Tarosse, 6-Star Fiend Highgod; Dylin, God; Dylin’s two sons, Highgods; Cesar, Highgod) leave Miluo Island


  • L. (age 890) & co. arrive at the Bloodridge Continent of the Infernal Realm
  • L. has reached the late-stage of mastery in the “Strength” mystery (he has nearly mastered 5 out of 6, but has yet to gain insights on the last, “Vitality”)
  • Bebe has mastered 4 of the mysteries of Darkness (Essence of D., Shadowshape Doppelganger, Evil, Devour), and he is at the final bottleneck of the 5th (thanks to the “soul fragment strips” Beirut gave him), but he has not fused any mistery
  • The Four Divine Beasts Clan: Azure Dragon (Riddling clan); Vermillion Bird (Nimo clan); White Tiger (Laius clan); Black Tortoise (Bowen clan). Elements of the Sovereign Ancestors (in order): Water, Fire, Wind, Earth


  • L. & co. reach the Skyrite Mountains where the Four Clans live
  • With the “Ancestral Baptism”, 80 years from now,, L. will gain access to insights into the Laws of Water, becoming a Water Demigod, acquiring the Azure Dragon-form, and the Innate Divine Ability (IDA) of the Azure Dragon, “Dragon Roar”
  • Baruch, clan leader and ancestor in the Yulan Plane, thanks to his exalted blood lineage (thanks to Beirut’s doing, he’s on par with the 2nd generation; L. with the 3rd), has mastered 5 of the 6 mysteries of Water in a few thousands years (he’s next to Highgod level)


  • L. (age 951) becomes a full God in the Laws of Fire [complaining he’s slow...]
  • L. has reached the final bottleneck in the “Strength” mystery


  • L. undergoes the Ancestral Baptism: he absorbs energy for half a day and a full night (a really long time, sign of exalted lineage: he has used ca half of the energy in the Dragonize Jewel) and needs 11 days to complete the transformation (the more, the better: even those who last 3 days are quite good), and can already manifest the Azure Dragon Phantom when executing the IDA (usually only possible at Highgod lv. - i’s linked to the power of the soul)
  • L. thus becomes a Water Demigod
  • Azure Dragn’s IDA affects the soul and impacts...time!
  • L. has now an “azure halo” of energy usable for executing the IDA as well as for protecting his soul
  • L. becomes an Elder (power of a 7-Star Fiend) and somehow a protegé of the Patriarch Gislason, because of the Coiling Dragon Ring which was Gislason’s father, the Azure Dragon himself, soul-protecting Sovereign Artifact
  • The millenial Conclave of Elder is held


  • L. and his team of ten 6-Star Fiends kill two 7-Stars and twelve 6-Stars enemies losing only three 6-Stars and one divine clone (Scar’s, but not his most powerful)


  • L. is sent on mission with Emanuel (who tried to kill him and seize his ring)
  • L. is saved by Phusro vs Bulo (Ashecroft clan) and leaves Bloodbath Gorge


  • In the past 2 centuries, the Eight clans had gone all-out killing lots of Elders of the Four clans
  • Bebe has mastered 5 mysteries of Darkness but still no insights on the 6th nor fusing…


  • L. makes a breakthrough and starts fusing “Strength” and Throbbing Pulse (TP)


  • L. (age 1,476) has mastered his 5th mystery of the Earth, “Strength”, and he has completely fused it with the TP
  • After another 3 moths of training, L. develops a powerful material attack based on the fusion between Strength and TP, “Firmament Splitter”
  • L., Delia and Bebe go to Meer City to visit Tarosse, Dylin & co. They receive the visit of Phusro
  • Bebe meets his grandmother, Beirut’s wife, Carolina, who gives him other soul fragments strips so that he can master the 6th last mystery of Darkness: Bebe is becoming an Highgod
  • L. has mastered 4 of the 6 mysteries of water (he’s at full God level in Water as well)
  • Delia is pregnant


  • L.’s and Delia’s third son, Wade, is born (the other two are Sasha and Taylor - NOTE: missing!)
  • L., Delia and Bebe (and Phusro) leave Meer City but they’re ambushed by the Eight clans’ forces (due to Forhan betrayal)
  • Delia is heavily injured by an expert in the Edicts of Life. Beirut saves her using a drop of Life Sovereign Might


  • Dunnington, a Paragon in the Edicts of Death friend of Beirut (he did the soul strips), prove Forhan guilty


  • Thanks to the love he has for his growing son and for his wife, L. finally has a first insight into the “Vitality” mystery of the Earth
  • Roughly at this time, Bluefire reaches the Paragon level in Fire, fusing all 6 mysteries


  • Wade undergoes the Ancestral Baptism (after 110 years from the last) and becomes a Water Demigod
  • L.’s clan is left with only 17 Seven Star Fiend lv. experts (less than half than before)
  • Bebe, who has been 100+ years (from 11461?) with Beirut, goes back to L.
  • A joint extraordinary Conclave of all the Four clans is held
  • Nisse arrives for Bebe. She gets pregnant


  • Bebe and Nisse get married. Their daughter, Ina, is born


  • Ina has reached the Saint level
  • L. makes another breakthrough: he has mastered 4 of the 6 mysteries of the Laws of Fire
  • L. has reached the late stage in the 5th (out of 6) mystery of Water
  • L. has mastered 7 of the 9 mysteries of the Wind, but still no insights on the other two
  • L. ha reached the final bottleneck in the “Vitality” mystery: he’s close to become a Highgod of Earth. He has started fusing “EofE” with “Strength”
  • Beirut puts an end to the war between the Four and the Eight clans with the appearance of the Bloodridge Sovereign
  • L. has a sudden insight into Vitality first seeing the Grand Elder (Water) fighting and then when the Sovereign manifestation appears
  • L. becomes an Earth Highgod
  • L.’s Earth clone Soul is now 10x
  • L. starts once again absorbing a huge amount of amethysts


  • Beirut gifts L. with a sharp godspark blade, “Mirage”
  • Bebe becomes an Highgod
  • Baruch is at the final bottleneck of the 6th mystery of Water
  • Bebe and Nisse (nickname Ninny) head to Coldcalm prefecture in the Jadefloat Continent (so that Nissie can visit her brother, Salomon), while L., Delia, Wade and Ina (nickname Nana) go have a tour in Indigo Prefecture


  • Roughly at this time, a Planar War between Divine Realms of Light and Darkness begins


  • L (age 1,884) has started working on the 6th mystery of Water (he’ll “soon” be a Water Highgod as well)
  • L. has mastered 7 out of 9 mysteries of the Wind and he’s working on the 8th
  • L. Fire divine clone is stuck at the mastery of 4 mysteries, no insights on the two left
  • L. has just started fusing the “Strength” and “GS” mysteries of the Earth: thus, he has hopes to fuse 4 mysteries of the Earth together one day


  • Bebe and Nissie come back. L. & co. are waiting for them at Beirut’s place
  • L. & co. go back to the Yulan plane
  • L.’s family and friends: Reynolds is a Demigod; Wharton is a Highgod now (should be) but his wife Nina died >1k years ago; Taylor has had 2 spouses but they died too of old age; Barker and gates married Rebecca and their sister, which both became Saints (Necromantic magic, i.e. Edicts of Death); Grandpa Hiri, Uncle Hillman and Jenna are dead; George, Boss Yale and Dixie were killed by Odin, the “Vile King” of Gebados Prison (but they’re in the Netherworld Realm Higher Plane)
  • L. kills Odin’s Wind clone (power top 5-Star Fiend); Odin’s most powerful clone, 7-Star Death clone, is in Netherworld
  • Linley and Bebe go to the Netherworld


  • (ca.) L. and Bebe arrive at the Abyssal Mountain to meet with the Sovereign residing there (and maybe get the Abyssal Fruit)
  • L. gains insight into the “Circular Softness” mystery of Water (easy to begin training in, difficult to master) and breaks through, becoming a Water Highgod
  • L.’s training in Wind is slower wrt Earth and Water: he has just slightly fused Profound Truths of Velocity with Profound Mystery of Spatial Wind (so he’s fusing 3 mysteries together)
  • While fighting the Spirit Snake, L. sees Bailey executing a powerful technique (developed in 100 millions years) which fuses 3 Earth mysteries: TP, EofE and Vitality
  • L. and Bebe meet (and are spared by) the Abyssal Tree, Sovereign of Life, and X, Chief Sovereign of Death (and Inn-keeper…)
  • L. has to enter the Planar Wars to save his friends. But first, he has to win vs a Lord of Tartarus
  • L. chooses his target: he will fight vs the Redcliff Lord. First, he wins 100 battles in the Bloodbath Arena
  • The Redcliff Lord has fused at least 4 mysteries of the Earth in his punch (TP, EofE, Strenght, Vitality). L. wins and heads to the Planar Battlefield with Bebe


  • L. & Bebe reach the Light Side of Planar Battlefield crossing the Stellar River
  • L. research info on experts that might participate in the Planar War. 800+ys left
  • L. now has to fuse “Strength” separately with GS and EofE respectively so as to fully combine 4 mysteries (Strength, TP, GS, EofE) together. Thanks to the battle vs Redcliff Lord and Hemmers, he has already gained some insights and know the “general direction”
  • Bebe, thanks to his IDA, kills Lancelot, a powerful Lightning expert (extremely fast, versed in both soul and material attacks, and with a defensive Sovereign artifact. Bebe’s ability was one of his few natural counter)


  • L. (age 1,979) breaks through and becomes an Highgod in Wind too
  • L. and Bebe, while fleeing from Benfield and his bro&sis, meet (and are saved by) Reisgem (IDA Amethyst Space and Rampart, Sovereign weapon, Destruction 5 mysteries fused) and Reihom (Hom) Stonebreaker (World Titan, 5 mysteries of Earth fused, soul-protecting Sovereign artifact) and team up with them
  • L.’s side acquires Occluar’s (Life) gold badge


  • L., Reisgem, Hom and Bebe decide to hide inside a mountain, train, and try to lure commanders with Deathgod Golems


  • L. has already begun to completely fuse 4 mysteries of the Earth (EofE, TP, GS, Strength)


  • L.’s side is discovered by Bayer “Bloodwind” (Wind Paragon) but make him “““flee”””
  • L. & co. battle vs Montelo, Ranessa and other 6. While fighting vs Oman (5 mysteries of Earth fused, Sovereign weapon and soul-protecting artifact), L. finds the first piece of the Crown of the Overgod of Life
  • L. and Bebe encounter Lupe (5 mysteries of Earth -not GS- fused, expert on stealth and speed) . L. kills him and starts training


  • L. completely fuses the four mysteries of Earth he was working on - he’s no more in the lower tier of commanders
  • In just 20 days, L. develops two defensive techniques based on this fusion, one material (“Earth Armor”) and one for the soul (“a constant, unbroken cycle, advancing on one side, continuing on the other”) based on his previous Pulseguard Defense
  • In another 63 days, L. seems to have developed his currently supreme technique, a material attack, but he immediately thinks on how to improve it further, making good use of the gravitational pull of his Blackstone Prison so as to “lock” the enemy in space, using the enemy and L.’s sword, instead of L. himself, as the core of the gravitational force


  • After another 6 months, L. completes his currently supreme technique, “Microcosm”, capable of compressing the target into a small space
  • L. meets and spars vs Hemmers, they are interrupted by Bluefire (Fire Paragon and Sovereign)
  • L. and Bebe reunite with Reisgem and Reihom
  • L. & co again battle vs Montel (now+4): Bebe kills Rasenna with his first IDA, a silver-haired (Lowe) with a second one, and finally Montelo with a third; Reihom kills Chauswey (Water); Oman flees
  • Montelo begs the Patriarch of the Augusta clan, Goldman, for revenge. Goldman sends Oman, Chegwin (Suanni Lion - Dylin’s race) and even Magnus (Fate Paragon) - the last in exchange for a “Mutated Cloudstone” (no clue on what that is!)
  • After 3 months, the battle begins: at firs L. vs Oman and Reihom vs Chegwin, while Magnus keeps Reisgem and Bebe locked; L. tries to flee and Magnus goes after him using Sovereign Might; Reisgem goes help Reihom, so as to flee together; Bluefire (Fire Sovereign Paragon; he comes with his original body and his Earth divine clone: his original body still understands and can use the Laws of Fire at Paragon lv., while the Will other clones can borrow from his Sovereign Fire clone is comparable to that of a Paragon) tries to come and save L. (he is one lv. faster than Magnus), but L. is still hit by Magnus’ most powerful soul attack while using a Fate-SM drop
  • L.’s soul is trying to “resist” thanks to the Black Stone (Soulstone) gifted by Reisgem’s mother, the Redbud Sovereign (Destruction): after 15-20 days, the attack itself is dispersed, but L. starts undergoing a soul mutation


  • After 18 years of coma, L.’s soul has reached a critical point: either it is extinguished or it survives (in 3 days, says Bluefire)
  • After another 18 days, L.’s soul begins to strengthen again


  • L. (age 2,520) wakes up after 34 years of coma, his soul’s power now an “ocean” before it was a "lake".
  • L. can now really start repairing the Coiling Dragon Ring
  • L. starts trying fuse earth, water and wind divine power, which results in inky jade fused divine power; however, when adding a hint of fire power, it weakens, because L. is not yet at the Highgod level in Fire
  • According to the legend (Bluefire says), 2S-mutation increases power tenfold, 3S- hunderdfols, so maybe 4-S thousandfold. Indeed, L. says that when he uses 3-fused divine power he’s on par when using a drop of non-compatible Sovereign Might (e.g. Destruction), which roughly increases power hundredfold (if compatible, some hundreds-fold)
  • Even if there are geniuses who trained faster than L., he is the first 4S-mutate in all history of all countless planes (and of all cosmos…)
  • L. simple blow in human form is on par with Paragon Bayer’s blow, thanks to Will power he has now acquired
  • L. and Bluefire spar with just physical strength and Will power (no divine or Sovereign power) and they’re roughly on par, already causing tears and ripples in the incredebly stable Planar Battlefield, then they go all-out and still fight at standstill: that’s because L.’s Will is greater than that of a Paragon (divine sense spread to 36,000km vs 8,000km; when using spiritual energy, L. now reaches 512,000km)
  • L. is thinking of becoming Paragon of a Law someday as well
  • L., thanks to the Will, can now perfectly control SM power - he can store it and use when necessary


  • After roughly a century of training, L. has had some insights on fusing mysteries of different Laws, connecting the Earth’s Throbbing Pulse of the World (TP) with Water’s Circular Softness (CS)
  • L.’s divine Fire clone has nearly mastered a 5th Profound Mystery
  • The Coiling Dragon Ring has been repaired. Now it is a full operational Sovereign soul-defensive artifact


  • (ca.) It’s the 1,000th year of the Planar War, when the Final Battle takes place
  • L. (age 2,818) & co meet Hemmers again (see Ch. 19.55 incipit, hilarious!)
  • The battle begins. L. & co go find Magnus & co
  • L. makes “Voidwave Swords” made of spiritual power to soul-attack and soul-defend
  • L. kills Oman with just one Microcosmo-fist (108 rays of black light creating compressive force), and the same for Ramson; Chegwin survives the blow (thanks to is 2 defensive artifact, one material one spiritual); L. starts battle vs Magnus
  • L. sends Magnus into chaotic space
  • L. and Bebe go to the Chief Sovereign of Death as per their agreement: Yale is a Saint-lv Netherblood Spirit, George (Demigod) and Dixie (divine clone now dead) became deities and thus already have their memories back, L.’s father Hogg is a Saint undead, as Bebe’s parents are


  • The reunion between L. & co begins
  • Yale and Bebe’s parents are given Demigod sparks to let them become deities


  • (ca) L. & co arrive at Northbone Prefecture, where L.’s divine sense discovers Odin
  • L. & co reunite with hise Fire divine clone and with everyone else from Yulan Plane at Ironknife Gorge in the Infernal Realm, then bring all his family and friend to Skyrite Mountains


  • L. has completely fused two mysteries of different Laws: Earth’s TP and Water’s CS
  • L. is visited by Olivier and his son Deia. Bonin had abducted his wife Diana (previously Bonin’s wife) and killed Oliver’s and Diana’s other child, Leya (twins). Olivier kills Bonin
  • L. kills Molde (Bonin’s father, Skymount Lord Prefector) and takes his 9 soul pearls (actually, a piece of the Overgod of Life Crown)
  • L. faces Teresia (Wind Lesser Sovereign and Paragon) and is helped by the Bloodridge Sovereign
  • The Sovereigns for now believe that L. does not have any Overgod talisman
  • L. again begins training like mad with all of his clone but the Water one


  • L. has already begun training in the 6th mystery of Fire, “Explosion”, the most mysterious and powerful one of the six
  • Mosi (the Bloodrune Titan Purgatory Commander from Miluo Island, next to Paragon level in Death, also very powerful in Destruction) visits Linley to give him intel: the pentametal crown + the nine soul pearls + the red calprot diamond = Crown of Life (Overgod Talisman)
  • Lomio takes over Molde’s position as Lord Prefect of Skymount Prefecture
  • Quite a lot of the Baruch clan members (L.’s family) go back to the Yulan Plane after reaching Demigod level in Water with the Ancestral Baptism


  • L. (age 4,118) is halfway fusing TP (Earth) with Wind’s “Dimensional Attack” mystery
  • L. has also begun fusing “Dimensional Attack” with Water’s “Circular Softness” (CS) - reminder: he has already completely fused TP and CS together
  • L. has not yet mastered Fire’s “Explosion” mystery , but...
  • Bebe has succeeded in fusing two mysteries of Darkness together
  • Yale is an Highgod too now (after fusing with sparks), after living ca 200 years in the Yulan Plane he had reconstructed the Dawson Conglomerate, with lots of descendants (19 sons & daughters himself alone)
  • L. makes a breakthrough and becomes Highgod in the Laws of Fire too
  • L. tries to use 4-fused divine power for the first time, and the black divine power that results from it, way more powerful than L. using Earth-SM, makes L. undergo a transformation (his azure-golden Dragonform scales and spines now have a black pattern of fine lines), making him wracked with pain, strenghtening his body


  • After 10 years, the body-strenghtening process (with L. guiding it so as to make it the most suitable and effective for his body and his four-fused divine power) is completed. Now in his Dragonform the scales are inky green (azure+gold+black). The spines and hands/fingernails are completely black and smaller. Overall increase in power: at least 100x, maybe up to 1,000x. After this process and after having nurtured Mirage with black fised divine powers for 10 years, both L.’s body and weapon are akin to Sovereign artifacts in power: with a simple hand-chop “Dimensional Attack” he can now create a big tear in space *L., Bebe & co. start a sightseeing tour of the Infernal Realm and other planes


  • (ca) After some dozens of years, L. & co visit a Blacksand Castle: a lot of people is trying to sell fake components of the Overgod Talisman
  • Brodie finds the true Red Calprot Diamond and gets revenge vs the Lotte tribe


  • since L. now is a Soul Mutate, his divine Wind clone can also, for example, use Earth-type divine power to attack: he can unleash his max potential with any of his divine clones (even if the Fire one is weaker)
  • L. finds Brodie, Chegwin is ther too
  • Augusta, the Chief Sovereign of Light and Greatest A*hole of all countless planes, finds about the Overgod Decree an sets his eyes on Linley. A discussion with a lot of Sovereigns present ensues. In the end, L. makes it through (also, the Chief Sovereign of Destruction states that L. is his Emissary). They all find out that Brodie fleed to the Okerlund Plane (a material plane)
  • L.,Clementine (Light Paragon), Bayer (Wind Paragon), Ballmer (Fire Paragon) and other Paragons (8 in total, + L.) all go to the Okerlund Plane
  • L. can cover the entire planet with his spiritual sense (others less than half)
  • In human form, L. physical strength still ranks in the top ten of the universe, and even without using the four-fused divine power, he is clearly more powerful than the likes of Ballmer
  • L. is way stronger than Clementine and the other Paragons and thus acquire the Red Calprot Diamond. Beirut helps him head to the Yulan Plane together with Bluefire, fleeing from Augusta and Teresia (another professional a*hole)
  • L. acquires an Overgod Weapon Artifact, a nearly 1.5 meters long green sword with both edges extremely sharp
  • Beirut gives Linley two Sovereign sparks, Water (Azure Dragon’s) and Earth (Black Tortoise’s): L. becomes the very first “Fusion Sovereign” with two Sovereign clones
  • L. finds that fusing with one Sovereign spark grants an amount of Will comparable to that of a Paragon to the soul of the divine clone in question (e.g. Earth), and roughly 80% of that of other clones, while the limitless Sovereign Will is actually contained in the spark itself
  • [is it appropriate a description of the power -Will, Laws- of Sovereign here? check ch. 21.6]
  • L.’s power should now be comparable to an Intermediate Sovereign overall


  • (ca.) L. (age 4,478) has reached the final bottleneck in fusing 3 mysteries of different Laws (Earth’s TP, Water’s CS, Wind’s Dimensional Attack -DA-)
  • L. has fused Fire’s “Explosion” with Earth’s TP
  • L.’s original body focuses on researching the IDAs ofe the Four Divine Beasts (thanks to the 81*4 drops of blood essence Beirut gave him), while L.’s two Sovereign clones start establish a new divine plane each so as to gain insights on the Laws required to do so (how to use the mysteries of the Laws - Earth and Water respectively - and how mysteries can be fused together, e.g. GS and Vitality or Ice Edge, Illusory Fog and Waterbody)


  • L. has almost completed the creation of the two divine planes of Earth and Water when he starts creating a small plane which intersects the other two using 2-way fused Sovereign power
  • L. completes the two “simple” divine planes


  • L. (age 5,778) has been working on the two divine planes for 1,300 years and another 300 on the “fused” divine plane alone. While for the former he just had to rely on the “natural” ability which heavens bestow upon Sovereigns (it is imprinted in the S. spark), for the latter he has to rely completely on himself


  • (ca.) Linley (age 9,478) has completed the creation of the fused plane after 4,000 years of work. Thanks to that he has gained a huge amount of insights
  • L. has completely fused together 5 mysteries out of 6 in the Laws of Earth
  • L. has completely fused together 4 mysteries out of 6 in the Laws of Water
  • L. has already completely fused Earth’s TP, Water’s CS and Fire’s Explosion during the past 5,000 years
  • L. is at the final bottleneck of fusing together Fire’s Explosion with Wind’s Dimensional Attack (DA)
  • L. develops a new supreme technique, “Sword Intent”: contains TP, CS and DA (Explosion will be added later), and is both a material as well a spiritual attack, requiring L. to use “two souls” to control one aspect of the technique each. In chaotic space, it creates a spatial tear a hundred meters wide but more than 1 million km long
  • L.’s progress with the blood essences of the ancestors has not been impressive. He has understood only a tiny bit about Black Tortoise (thanks to the 5 UW bros) and on how the Azure Dragon strengthened his body, since it came from the BT’s transformation
  • L.’s scan with fused divine-Sovereign power goes unnoticed to other Sovereigns
  • L. has developed three techniques based on the fusion of 5 mysteries of the Earth: World Breaker (capable of shattering a Sovereign weapon easily when used with the Life Overgod Sword, LOS), World Imploder, and the most powerful of the three, World Disintegrator (which creates a spatial rift as thick as a fist, but infinitely long; it’s basically the improved version of Microcosm and just slightly inferior to Sword Intent)
  • L. kills Teresia (Wind Paragon Lesser Sovereign)
  • L. fuses with Teresia’s Wind Lesser Sovereign spark - the power of 3-way fused Sovereign power is 100x wrt normal Sovereign power. With his current Will and S. power, L. is 10x stronger than most other Chief Sovereigns
  • L. battles vs Diya, Chief Sovereign of Wind, and by only using Earth-type S. power makes him retreat (with ca one-hundreth of his true power)
  • L. had further strengthened his body (albeit just a little - it’s at the limit), which now is 100% tough and powerful as a Sovereign artifact, with the tip of the draconic tail being even stronger than that
  • L. fights vs Augusta and vs Hurley, Chief Sovereign of Lightining, killing the Earth Lesser Sovereign clone of the latter. With both Linley and Augusta (the latter almost) going all-out, they’re roughly on par. The fight ends with a draw (also, Orloff, Chief Sovereign of Fate, “owes a favor” to Augusta - because they are the same!)


  • Boson (Bloodridge Destruction Sovereign) tells Linley about the incoming Planar War (600 years from now) between Infernal and Celestial Realms: L., to avoid that is mother (Twelve-Winged Angel, 7-Star Fiend, under Augusta’s absolute control) is killed goes negotiate with Augusta himself, who tricks L. (he doesn’t release L.’s mother) acquiring ca 30 drops per beast of the Four Beasts essences (to be given to Orloff…)
  • L. has his Wind Sovereign clone start creating a wind divine plane (next to the Yulan Plane and the other three planes he had created), while he starts searching for Emissaries (2 for a Lesser S., thus he needs 6 in total, so that they can partecipate in the Planar War to not let Orloff win again)
  • Boson gives Linley 9 Sovereign artifacts (3 weapons, 3 defensive, 3 soul-protecting)
  • L.’s first choice as Emissary is Russell, 7-Star Windhunter (=Fiend) Nine-Tail Windripper Fox, Wind, specializes in speed and soul (IDA: “Mesmerizing Fantasy Domain”). L. bestows him with a defensive S. artifact

NOTES ON LINLEY’S EMISSARIES: 2nd Emissary is a bald man with body of azure rocks who receives a soul-protecting S. art. ; 3rd Emissary a jade-haired woman with fish scales (should be a Goldcrest Siren; receives a defensive S. art.) ; a female (with long, flaxen hair) Viva Titan ; Bresle (Bula race, Light and Darkness, expert on magical formations, strong material defense, receives a soul-protecting S. art.) ; there are 1 Earth, 1 Wind, 2 Water and 2 Darkness among them (Bresle_dark is one of the Darkness people)


  • (ca) Linley has already completely fused 5 mysteries (out of 9) of the Wind after 500+ years of working on establishing a wind divine plane (at least another 4-500 needed)
  • L. has completely fused the Wind’s DA and Fire’s Explosion mysteries
  • L. has thus started the last part of fusing 4 mysteries of different Laws (TP, CS, DA, Explosion) and is improving greatly his “Sword Intent” technique
  • L. now has 5 Emissaries, he’s looking for the 6th: it will be Bresle, of the Bula race (one of his body is a 7-Star Godhunter -Fiend- of Light, the other trains in Darkness)
  • L. is now roughly 3x stronger than 500 years before


  • (ca.) The Planar War between the Infernal Realm and the Celestial Realm begins


  • L. (age 10,578) has completed his wind divine plane after 1,100 years of work
  • L. has now completely fused 6 of the 9 mysteries of the Wind
  • There are 500+ years left before the Final Battle (FB) of that Planar War (PW)


  • Bresle and the other Emissaries (B.&co) complete the Six-Samsara Formation: less than 10% of energy loss


  • L. (age 11,011) reunites all of his clone and heads to the Planar Battlefield
  • L. has reached the final bottleneck in fusing the 4 Laws (4 mysteries)
  • L. is now nearly 10x stronger than he was when he first battled Augusta


  • It’s the 999th year of the PW. L. has yet to make the final breakthrough


  • The Final Battle of the Planar War begins, with 1,200 Twelve-Winged Angels partecipating
  • Linley is now 11,118 years old
  • Bresle & co formation’s attack can kill 2 teams (12) Angels with one shot (NOTES on the Samsara Battle Formation: using the corresponding Sovereign Might’s power, Darkness and Earth are for attacking, Wind for fleeing, and Water for defense)
  • The FB of the PW ends with a draw
  • L. fights again vs Augusta. He has the upper hand when (i) Orloff comes and (ii) Augusta uses the Four Divine Beasts combined IDA (showing that he is the “other half” of Orloff, who is of the Bula race)
  • Upon being hit by the Four Beasts’ IDA (“Spacetime Paradox”, as Wodred, Chief Sovereign of Destruction, has called it), L. understands that that is made by the fusion of 4 Sovereign and divine powers, Earth-Water-Wind-Fire, and thus he breaks through the final bottleneck in fusing together 4 mysteries of those 4 Laws
  • Having completely fused together 4 different Laws, the natural Laws descend upon Linley, who gains a portion of Will double of that of a Paragon (NOTE: each full portion of the Will represents a 10x increase in power in terms of Will): overall, L. has now become 1,000x stronger
  • L. kills Augusta with a perfectly concentrated Sword Intent
  • L. starts fighting with Orloff, who has 3 Overgod artifacts (full set)
  • Overloff hits Linley with his perfect supreme technique, “Samsara Transcendece”, Linley manages to survive blocking with his Dragonformed original body, while one of his other clones kills Borte, a Lesser Sovereign of Fire
  • L. fuses with the Fire Sovereign spark: L. gains another portion of Will
  • L. fuses all the 4 types of Sovereign power toghether, creating “a unique, gray, foggy sort of energy”, while his body grows incredibly stronger (“in virtually every second, Linley’s body would be strengthened hundreds of times”): the second Samsara Transcendence now leaves nothing but “a single bloody scratch” on L.’s body, which instantly heals. by the time of the third strike of Samsara Transcendence, his body grows powerful enough to not be scratched at all.
  • L.’s Sovereign sparks melt together, and so do L.’s “different” souls
  • Without sparks nor souls, the four Sovereign bodies of Linley collapse, leaving only one completely transformed body
  • L. can now feel and take Sovereign power from all Elemental Seas
  • L.’s “Will” is gone, “substituted” by complete control, domain on all of this universe (Linley himself perceives this)
  • L. shatters Orloff’s Overgod weapon with a little pressure of his hand
  • L. kills Orloff with his allegedly most powerful attack, a 1,5 meters gray sword of energy which creates a sort of concentrated (10,000km in circumference) black hole
  • 11 Sovereigns didn’t flee in time and were caught by rays of the gray energy. They die too and even their Sovereign sparks are destroyed
  • Linley vanishes within the gray energy
  • L. has thus broken the binding of the Cosmo and reached the “Hongmeng Grandmist”, full of the foggy gray energy L. has used, “Grandmist spirit-energy”. There was a middle-age man “waiting for him”, Hongmeng, the first Universe Creator (L. was part of one of the four small cosmos created by him, there’s also a 10x larger one, the “Main Cosmo”)
  • Hongmeng tells L. that in the Main Cosmo even live “Godkins” and “Exalted Celestials”, capable of sensing the Laws of Time and the Laws of Space
  • L. now has a “Grandmist Body”. He can now create his own Cosmo and thus generate and absorb Xuanhuang energy which will let him have an “Indestructable Xuanhuang Body”


  • Linley is the “Linmeng” of Stellar Transformation (which I still have begun to read!)