7 Killers

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7 Killers
Chinese 七杀手
Pinyin (Placeholder)
Transcription (Placeholder)
Author Gulong
Chapter Count 8 Chapters
Volume Count N/A
Writing Status Complete
Original Publication Status Complete
Translation Team Translator
Translation Status Complete
Chinese Publisher 南琪出版

Introduction to the Novel

Genre: Action, Wuxia.

Introduction to the Story

Dragon 5th is a powerful lord with incredible martial arts, and yet is wasting away from a fatal disease. The only medicine which can cure his sickness lies in the clutches of his venemous ex-wife, Madam Lovesickness, and is guarded by 7 dangerous killers, fugitives of the martial world. To retrieve the antidote, Dragon 5th hires Liu Changjie, a skilled martial artist who loves drinking and women, but has a mysterious past. All is not what it seems in this wuxia heist story. Translated by deathblade.

Introduction to the Translation

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Translation Team

History of the Translation


Story Elements